That’s Life

I’ve been diving into a lot of motivational & self-help books lately. This is a new thing for me and to be honest I absolutely love them.  If you have never done this before I highly encourage it.

My one tip however? Get the audio version. I can’t stress enough how much more entertaining it is to actually hear it from the author’s mouth. To hear their excitement, their angst, their epiphanies. It feels like you are in a one-on-one conversation with them. They are speaking directly to you and so it becomes much more powerful.

For me, I sometimes don’t get the same powerful feelings by reading the paper copy.

For example:

Me: Reads same sentence over twice, looks up out the window, sees a car going by, thinks about her driving said car with her hair flowing in the wind, then quickly realizes what she is doing & re-reads the same sentence again for the third time…commence the next 3-4 months of me trying to get through the same chapter. 

Not quite the same effect is it? But that’s just me!

While listening to these audio books, I have had a few self revelations that I thought I would share with you. There is always one moment, at some time or another in each read / listen, that asks the question of: What do you want for your life?

What are your goals, dreams, or aspirations?

The first few times I heard it, I had a few things pop up in my head. Obviously I want happiness, I want to feel loved and give love. But when it comes to goals, career goals, bigger things than feelings. It always came down to one thing for me, music. 

I want to play music for a living. To live it & breathe it, to share it with everyone. To be able to say, “I am a full-time musician!” 

If you listen to any of our music, you would have a slight inkling about this already.

For example, “That’s Life, by Fresh Breath” includes the lyrics:

I’ve never strived to start a family

I don’t know why but I’ve never longed for that feeling

Any able body on the earth can reproduce

But if the music is in you, you’ve got to produce

I don’t feel that I have changed

I’m just following my dreams

and you should do the same

Another example could be, “Comfortable Statistic, by Fresh Breath” with lyrics like:

A dream that’s not followed 

Is a dream that is lost

And no credit card can cover that cost.

So Join me, let’s get lost

in the music getting lost because we choose this 

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Fresh Breath lyrics that convey these feelings. Turns out we have been feeling this way for a long time.

When I listen to these books, there is something else that they undoubtedly bring attention to next. They start out about talking up your dreams & goals and then they move on to execution. You see, it’s great to have dreams…you go girls & boys! But what’s a dream without action? (see Fresh Breath’s lyrics above in their song Comfortable Statistic) It’s basically just a thought. A fluttering little idea or brainstorm that fizzled out and disappeared eventually…because why? You guessed it, you didn’t take action towards making it happen. D’oh!

What I’ve learned from these books (referenced below for those of you who are interested) is that not one person will care about your dreams as much as you do. That’s kind of harsh when you hear it at first, but it’s completely true. Sure, you’ll have some support and encouragement if you’re lucky. But only you can be in charge of bringing it to fruition, only you will believe in it the most.

It is important to set your goals and dreams into motion by taking some sort of action towards it. Whatever it may be. Maybe you write down your life goals on a piece of paper today and decide which ones should come first. Maybe you’re sitting there going “life goals? what? how do I know what those are?” so you start to brainstorm and think of what fires you up and makes you the happiest and you simply write those ideas down on a piece of paper to review. Maybe you make a phone call or email to a friend who has been asking you to join them in a business adventure for years but you’ve been too scared or afraid to go for it. Or, maybe your goal right now is to live a stress free lifestyle, so you decide to sign up for a meditation workshop on Tuesday nights. Whatever it is, big or small, fearsome or exciting, it simply will not get accomplished without taking action.

You might think, well I’m just not feeling motivated about it right now so I’ll do it later, or tomorrow, or next week. I’ve totally been there, it’s not out of the norm to feel this way. But please whatever you do, try and push past those feelings and do something, anything, to move forward towards it right now. Because the reviews are in. You’re probably never going to feel like it, or be “ready” or “motivated”. Stop waiting for the perfect moment, because you’ll be waiting forever.

I’ll just leave this quote here below, from Rachel Hollis as an extra push of encouragement for you today. rachel hollis quote

Wow right? That’s some scary shit. I sure as hell don’t want to sit alongside the death of the person I was meant to become, do you?  I would surely hope not.

Okay, so take action then eh? Do something! Well, if you’re wondering what exactly it is that I have done to “practice what I am preaching” here, here it is.

As some of you know I already do play music professionally. However in order to align my actions with my goals, and pursue it full time as outlined above. I had to make a big scary step. One that required a lot of belief and courage in myself.

I had an honest conversation with my boss (aka my mom) about my desires & career goals. It was really hard to tell her that they weren’t in line with taking over the family business. That my actual dream wasn’t what I had been originally planning to do at all. That with being brutally honest with myself about what I really want, I had to come clean and be truthful with her about this.

So, the transition is in motion. I took the step and gave my 16 months notice to my boss. I know that seems ridiculous, but if you knew the business you would understand. The only thing that matters, to you the reader, is that I did it. I faced the fear and pushed myself towards making the decisions that would get me closer to where I want to be. I took fucking action! Yeah!

How did it feel? Relief doesn’t even begin to describe it. Excitement, Joy, Fear. Yes the fear is still there…because I have only taken the first few steps. There are so many more actions to be played out, and maybe that is the take away here…

Life isn’t just one step away from everything you’re dreaming of. It’s a million steps forward, with probably hundreds, strike that, thousands of steps back along the way. It’s not giving up on your dream, or letting other people’s ideas of what your life should look like get you down. It’s about taking action, one small step at a time and moving forward to what lights you up.  That my friends, is life.

~peace, love & fresh breath


Audio Books I have learned from:

  • Mel Robbins, The 5 Second Rule
  • Rachel Hollis, Girl Wash Your Face
  • Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck
  • Mel Robbins, Kick Ass with Mel Robbins
  • Amy Schumer, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo
  • Anna Kendrick, Scrappy Little Nobody

Fresh Breath songs referenced in this blog:

That’s Life –

Comfortable Statistic –


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  1. Stan Griffin says:

    Nice to see you’re taking charge of your life and I hope it leads to happiness!


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