A Writer Writes, Always!

ThA writer writesis is something I have been saying to myself for years. It gives me that subtle kick in the rear when said aloud. As if the phrase itself is a boot camp teacher pushing me to sweat it out. Even though it is somewhat impossible…I mean I can’t be writing at all times every day, right? Definitely not!

It is basically encouragement for myself and for my husband Josh, to keep writing and playing music. Little did I know that Josh would wildly surpass my expectations with writing more so than what I could ever dream for myself.

You see, I used to be this angsty unsettled teen with a lot of deep dark emotions inside that needed to get out. So I would write. I would write so much that I had that big ugly callous on my index finger and my hands would be marked with ink. I would fill up journal after journal with colourful imaginations of trippy Jim Morrison inspired themes or wallow in the darkness of my dimly lit bedroom and cry onto the paper to intensify the piece.  I would turn an ordinary phrase into a complicated overly thought metaphor. I would twist my words around into intricate phrasings and draw pretty little pictures next to them to help with the visual.

When I learned how to play guitar, the poetry and writings started to all make sense. Now I could turn my writing into songs! This seemed like the easiest thing for me to do at the time. I remember one day I wrote 5 songs in 1 hour and thought, wow!

Okay maybe they were all total crap, but I definitely learned a lot about songwriting that way.

Now, I wish I could just let go of my thoughts and let the pen slide along the paper without second guessing it.  Lately I have felt like it takes a lot more for me to get into writing songs. It’s like I have a wall up inside my brain sometimes. It stops me from having the feelings. And if I have to force it, it usually doesn’t turn out well.

“A writer writes, always Katie!” God dammit! Get it together!

This is where Josh shines his bright warm light. Since I gifted him a journal about 10-12 years ago with some inspirational quotes to keep up his writing, he’s totally gone running with it. This makes me happy.

talent quote

Josh is the major inspiration for our latest music hands down. He is the one that writes the music and more often lately, writes the lyrics. This is actually how we realized that having two styles of writing can work magic. For example, our song “Pick Up Move On” was Josh’s baby. He wrote the music for it and came up with the catchy chorus line. Then I came in with the verses and explained things intricately and carefully for the listeners.

We quickly knew that this was a winning combo. Me; being the dark & stormy type with my writing. Josh; being that upbeat positive spinner. This is probably why you will notice that most of our songs are inspirational in a sense where, we present a problem with a solution. Almost always.

Thanks to Josh I have been able find my ability again. With this blog, with our music and even saying the quote makes me want to callous up the ol’ index finger right now.

“A writer writes, always” … what do you do?

~peace, love & fresh breath

Afterthought: Apparently this “quote” / “saying” doesn’t have a pin-pointed source, other than in a Billy Crystal movie from the 80’s. Even from that context it was said as a joke. Okay so we’ve determined that a writer can’t be writing at all times. I mean that would be insane! But what I am trying to say here is, if you have the ability to write…then write! Practice your talents, use them wisely and be true to what your soul desires.

#workinprogress #therapy101 #writingislife


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