The Travelling Kind



It’s early November, in Ontario Canada. Which means, for me that my (almost) yearly trip to the Ontario Motor Coach Association is either happening soon or just past.  You see, one of the many hats that I wear is called “Director of Operations” for a family owned business called “Group Tours To Go Inc.” It is with great pride that I wear this hat, because not only do I love my job but I actually get to work with my mom every day!  (Pat Griffin – President, GTTG…very official).

Together we partake in travel shows and conferences in the area to find what’s new and exciting in the group tour business. As well as to network with other tour operators and gather all the information we can. The dynamic duo of Group Tours To Go always has fun together at these type of conferences. The perks of being in a travel business I must say are awesome.

The image above is me on a Quebec City FAM tour with my mom a few years ago. It was my first FAM tour experience since I started in the biz.

Some of you might be saying; “What the heck is a FAM tour? What is she talking about!” Well, it’s this amazing thing where tourism offices or CVB offices (Convention Visitors Bureaus) invite tour operators (like ourselves) to join on an all expenses paid (mostly) trip to show us what their area has to offer for our clients.  These FAM tours are carefully planned with full itineraries including hotel accommodations, meals, attractions etc.

I have had the privilege of being on three of these FAM tours now, in my 7 years with the company. Quebec City, Prince Edward Island & Chicago Southland.  It truly is a great way to see the city and tour it like your group would be doing on a motor coach.

You may have seen some of my social media posts on these FAM tours.                                  I like to hashtag them up like; #werkperks #travellife #ilovemyjob

Looking back at my career history, I would have never thought there would be a time in my life where I would wake up each day and look forward to work.  So for that, I am grateful. It is not fun to be in a job or position that you dread waking up for each day. Life is so short and time is precious. Being able to enjoy your work life is major because let’s face it, we spend a lot of time at our “jobs”, “careers”, or “money maker machines” so if at all possible, do something you love and it will make life much more….breezy.

There is a part in a movie I always think of when I am upset or feeling in a rut about something in my life. (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, with Mila Kunis & Jason Segel) Where Jason’s character Peter is frustrated with his job and says he hates it so much. So, Mila Kunis’ character Rachel simply says “So, then do something about it”.

It’s really that simple.

If you are unhappy in life, it is up to you to make a change. Whether it’s your work life, your love life, or whatever. Life will not wait for you to be ready. It’s all happening.

So keep up! Make changes, see the potential in everything and jump in.

I did that for myself 7 years ago and haven’t looked back!

~peace, love & fresh breath

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