The Monday Struggle

Everyone knows it…it comes once a week, and is loathed by almost all of us. The Monday struggle is real AF. As fall winds up and winter peaks it’s bastard head around the corner these so called Mondays get a little harder for me. Maybe because now that the grass is sparkly with frost, it’s even harder to get out of my warm and fuzzy bed. Or maybe it’s because I just can’t seem to wrap my head around where the weekend went and what I did with that time off exactly. But either way, it’s here and I’m strugglin’.

But today, is an especially different Monday for me. In 8 short hours I will be knocking on the door to a local studio for a unique coffee house style TV performance & interview. That’s right! You heard it here first, Fresh Breath will be on the TV!

So this morning, instead of slapping on some deodorant and my best yoga pants for work. I actually got up and washed my hair AND blow dried it. (right? I’m totally ready for this!) In anticipation of the bright lights staring me down this evening, I will try and look my best for our first ever television taping for YourTV Windsor’s “Sunparlour Sessions”, with Jan Hall from folk roots radio. studio pic 2

We’ve done a few things similar to this before. The image above, was from a set we did for a local project with Walter Riggi & Gene Schilling. So I am not a camera virgin or anything, but it does get the heart pumping a little bit to think about it! The relieving part is that it is not live, and will be recorded to play at a later date. This allows me to breathe a little more easily on this gloomy Monday morning reflection.

So while I sit and wait for my day job to start and then quickly end, so I can get to it! I realize that, “okay…this Monday is going to be different”. A struggle to get out of bed still, I will admit. However not your average Monday that is for sure!

When 4:30pm rolls around today (time to clock out of the day job) I will be bouncing off the walls in pure excitement for our fresh adventure into the world of bright lights and microphones. I will do a vocal warm up, which consists of a cold beer and a few high pitched notes followed by a belly laugh. I’ll slap a quick layer of mascara on and throw on my favourite black blazer and studded boots and hop & skip out the door with my BFF and husband of the century Josh and travel the quick 20 minutes to the studio.

We have a 6 song set prepared, followed by an interview + gear talk.

Will I flub a few times and mix up my words like a dyslexic amateur? Maybe….I mean, it is a Monday after all and the struggle is real. But I totally, probably got this…right? With a warm up routine like I have, it’s going to be a smooth sail for Fresh Breath. I can visualize it now and all it’s beauty. 🙂

So with that, I say “Eat shit, Monday!” I got you in a strangle hold today and guess what, (*chugs coffee ridiculously*) I’m coming out on top this time.

~peace, love & fresh breath


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