Watching the traffic go by…


kt canoe

A picture says a thousand words right?

There I am (image above) looking all young, care free, at peace with nature.  A picture that was taken a long time ago but still resonates with me today. Now, in my 30’s I look at this picture and think, how can I get back to that feeling?

I want to be carefree again! I want to rid myself of worrying, adulting and wondering what people think of me. I want to watch the traffic go by, without letting it affect my mood or my peace of mind. The traffic being the worry, the fear, the wondering.

Now being a little older I feel that kind of traffic takes over in my day to day world. As you grow in life, you accumulate more things, knowledge, insight and it brings this worry and fear with it.

But when I picture this image of myself; floating on a canoe, finger picking my three chord song about butter & toast. I feel the worry melt away somehow.  It allows me the strength to watch the traffic go by in my mind without feeling the need to join it.

If there is a picture of yourself out there, a peaceful moment in a time in your life. I encourage you to just take a look at it. Reflect on where you were in that period of time and how you got there. Remember that you are still that person! Just because time and age happens, it doesn’t mean that you can’t revisit those moments.

To be completely honest, I didn’t intend for this first blog post to be motivational, or even insightful! But I guess in someway that is how I am able to get through life calmly. Fresh Breath has always been what I like to call “inspirational-rock”, “motivational-music”, “Fresh Breath!” it’s something that is always good (seriously though…no one likes bad breath, right?). It’s what helps me express myself and hopefully what inspires others to do the same.

Take time today to watch the traffic go by. Smile at the chaos, the fear, the worry and know that you have the ability to stop it from controlling you.

Find your peaceful moment, wherever it is and bring it back to life!

~ peace, love & fresh breath


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